Unless Otherwise Stated;


Electronics: Open to all servos, brushless speed controls, transmitters/receivers (the use of a 2.4GHZ Radio System is strongly encouraged).

Battery: 6 – 7 cell NiMH Style battery packs or 2-Cell LiPo or LiFe type battery packs only. Hard case packs recommended. The Race Director has final say on battery safety, if the Race Director says it’s unsafe, you will either be unable to run or you must use a recommended pack.

Motor: . Any 540 size can brushed or brushless motor.

Tires/Wheels: In the spirit of racing, class specific tires and wheels must be used. No mixing of vehicle specific tire/wheel combo allowed. Must use stock sized drive system, ex. 12mm & 14mm hex or the ASC pin drive rear.

(See the Race Director if there is any question)

Body: Class specific bodies only.

Chassis/Suspension: Open to any and all mass produced option parts intended for the use on class specific vehicles. Chassis must be a mass produced chassis for all classes (ex. no extending of any chassis allowed). No modification to any chassis. Only modification allowed is if motor plate needs to be modified to allow a motor to fit, I.E., you want to put a Traxxas Titan 12turn motor in an SC10.

NO 4WD vehicles converted to 2wd unless prior approval from the race director.


This class is for beginners and people who do not know if racing is for them and don’t want to spend large amounts of money just to race, possibly for one event, so these rules are designed to help keep the class competitive and fun. If the race director believes you should be in another class you will be notified and automatically moved.


Motor: 17.5 or Traxxas 12turn Titan preferred, but any 540 size can brushed or brushless motor allowed. The race director at any time can ask you to reduce power or limit speed of the vehicle. If you fail to comply, you will automatically be bumped up to 2wd Modified or removed from racing. This may not happen until the last round of races, so no sand bagging.

Servo: In the spirit of fair play, stock servos and servo savers are suggested. Others may not have the funds or need to purchase $90 servos for a vehicle they normally run outside as a basher so try to keep it friendly.

17.5 – COT RULES

BODY: Must run a COT body with no alterations to the body. The wing cannot be extended above factory mode and the front splitter needs to be intact.  The rear of the body must be intact, no cutting out rear.   

            -Required body for this class is a Gen 2 COT Body.

CHASSIS: Any pan car chassis is allowed.

MOTOR: 17.5 brushless motor is a requirement. Motors may not be altered from factory stock configuration. Any signs of tampering will result in a disqualification (DQ). Must be a ROAR approved motor. 

            – No cooling of motors. The maximum temperature for a motor shall be ambient     temperature (+/-) 5 degrees at the start of the race.

BATTERY: One cell lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery, 3.7 volts, 5000mah, 75c max with connector. NO direct soldering. NO heating of Li-Po packs. 

            – The maximum temperature for a charged Li-Po battery pack shall be ambient       temperature (+/-) 5’ degrees.

            -Max voltage on the track 4.25 volts.

            -A tech will be done prior to the race.

TIRES: Only spec tires, front and rear, allowed. Spec tires with yellow or purple stripes for tires are acceptable. No size requirement.

CAR HEIGHT: Car height must be a minimum of 4.5” with the body. No altering of the roof line may be done (i.e. no dimples etc). 

CAR WEIGHT: Car weight must be a minimum of 36oz with the transponder.  

ESC: Open to any brushless ESC

GEARING: Gearing is open to 64 pitch or 48 pitch. 

 Legend Spec Rules

 CHASSIS: Chassis has to be stock out of the box. No modifications allowed to the chassis. For example: drilling, cutting, bending, etc… NO alterations allowed…..

TIRES: Only spec tires, front and rear, allowed. Spec tires with yellow or purple stripes for tires are acceptable. No size requirement.

BATTERY: The only battery allowed is a 1-cell, 6000mah, any C rating, with plug connector. No hard wiring or soldering directly to ESC.

MOTOR: 17.5 brushless motor is a requirement or a 15t HPI Firebolt brushed motor (no alterations) Must be a ROAR approved motor. 

            -No cooling of motors must be ambient temperature at the start of the race (+/-) 5’             degrees

GEARING:  Brushed- Pinions allowed are 22-26 tooth 48 pitch with 81 tooth spur

       Brushless- Pinions allowed are 22-26 tooth 48 pitch with 75 tooth spur

ESC: Any- Stock, No boost and in Blinky Mode

BODY: Legend bodies only ROAR approved

BEARINGS: Upgraded bearings are allowed for wheels and axle.



Lipo Sacks are required at Granite Leisure Time when charging. You will be told once to use a sack, if you don’t comply you will be told to leave the property immediately.


During the qualifying races the faster car has the right of way. The Race Director will keep you informed of lap times, positions, as well as let you know if a faster car is behind you. You will be asked to let him/her by. If you fail to give up the preferred line, the Race Director will then instruct the slower driver to give up the preferred line.


During the mains the Race Director controls the race. In the event that your car is in an accident, let the Corner Marshal pick up your car and place it on the racing surface. DO NOT DRIVE AGAINST TRAFFIC. If your car is broken, the Corner Marshal will hold the car in the infield for the duration of the race. You are to remain on the Drivers Stand for the duration of the race. Your car must finish under its own power.


All cars can scrub in the tires on the carpet on the outside of the track barrier. No scuffing in or on the track. All trucks are put on and taken off the track at the owners risk so don’t stop your truck or put it down where another driver already on the track could hit it. Do not go backwards on the track at anytime. Trucks have been broken because of this.


Each racer is only allowed 3 feet of pit space regardless of how many classes they run, so organize and plan accordingly.


Drivers over 5’ tall must not stand on anything to make them taller.

All remotes must stay behind blue railing. Please do not lean as other drivers may not be able to see their vehicle.

Driver spots are first come first serve, no exception.

We strive to provide a relaxing, kid and family friendly environment so foul language is not tolerated at any time.

Poor sportsmanship is frowned upon and a driver could lose a win/position if seen showing poor behavior.

Corner marshals are your friends, as they are your lifeline to a flipped over truck so treat them accordingly. No commenting or talking to a corner marshal from drivers stand or trackside allowed during a race. If your truck is flipped over, do not holler to a marshal (you will be asked to leave the driver stand immediately) the race director will do his/her best to make a corner marshal aware of a rolled truck, this is a part of racing as the corner marshal is usually not to blame for a rolled truck. Any driver showing disregard to this policy will be asked to remove themselves from the property.


*The track and race director are not responsible for broken trucks (we try to provide a safe racing course but not all circumstances can be foreseen) regardless of what caused it, racing comes with inherent risks if you are not willing to accept these risks then please do not race. *If the rules do not specifically say you can do something, then you cannot do it. *Rules may be subject to change, Race Director always has final say at any time.


Update last on 1/2/15

Vaterra Kemora and Kalahari Rules